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In the first year of 5G commercial use, ChanghongIT carries out early layout of a new ecosystem.

On June 3, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced that it would issue the 5G commercial license in the near future. On June 6, CCTV released news: MIIT has issued 5G commercial license to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Broadcasting Network. These news show that China has officially ushered into the first year of 5G commercial use.

The issuance of 5G commercial licenses means that China is fully prepared for the 5G industry. China has already taken the lead in the global 5G commercial business. On the other hand, 5G products and services will become increasingly rich, and related enterprises will gain many opportunities. The IT ecosystem associated with it will also undergo new changes.

 What changes will 5G bring about?

What is 5G? "G" means generation, so 5G means the fifth-generation communication system, compared to the previous 2G, 3G and 4G systems, 5G is faster and smarter. Simply put, 5G has a massive bandwidth and low latency. For example, to download a high-definition video with 4G, it takes from a few minutes to dozens of minutes; but only a few seconds with 5G.

 There is a saying in the industry that 4G has changed lives but 5G will change society. Compared to the previous four generations of technology, 5G is not only about mobile communication, it also impacts the future application scenarios of IoT. According to Huawei's official 5G white paper, 5G's top ten most potential application scenarios are: cloud VR/AR, car networking, smart manufacturing, smart energy, wireless medical, wireless home entertainment, connected drones, social networks, personal AI assistant and smart city. As it can be seen that 5G will penetrate into all sectors and build a connected world.

 Profound accumulation,5G layout in advance

According to survey results released by IDC, 5G infrastructure market size is expected to reach $26 billion by 2022. The current 5G commercial license issuance will no doubt bring great opportunities for development for manufacturers with core competitiveness. It is foreseeable that manufacturers will focus more on technology, product development, upgrades and improvements to increase its own influence in the 5G ecosystem. As one of the major roles in the IT ecosystem, how will IT distributors take advantage of the trend and seize the market in the new round of technological wave to make achievements?

 As the new integrated IT service provider, ChanghongIT has carried out 5G business layout ahead of time with its profound accumulation in terms of marketing, programs and channels. According to the different stages of the development of 5G industry and its own business characteristics, ChanghongIT has established cooperation with many related manufacturers to work on the 5G and related areas together with their own strengths. It starts from two dimensions, the upgrade schemes of transition from 4G to 5G and the new application scheme in the 5G era.

In the terminal field where 5G technology aims at first, ChanghongIT has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with ZTE, providing partners with ZTE's self-developed multi-modal 5G terminal products, as well as end-to-end solutions for operators, public safety, energy, transportation, retail and other industries.

In the field of data center, due to the enhancement in data transmission capacity such as bandwidth and latency, the intelligent terminal device is no longer limited by the technical characteristics of the computing power of the device itself, and the intelligent terminal and related applications will undergo a transition from end to the cloud, which will further promote the construction or upgrading of data centers. In the area of data center, ChanghongIT has a profound accumulation of talents, technology and solutions. It ranges from infrastructure to ICT products to systems software, and is integrated as differentiation whole stack solutions for scenarios of different scales. For example, intelligent power distribution solution for Schneider Electric's data center, Corning's pre-connected massive bandwidth integrated cabling solution; infrastructure solutions for computing, storage and networking based on traditional ICT manufacturers, such as DELL, Hitachi Vantara, Lenovo NetApp, Inspur and Huawei products. In addition, for the edge computing accelerated by 5G technology, ChanghongIT has also deepened cooperation with Vertiv technology and cooperated with domestic and foreign network open source software vendors to promote the deployment of edge computing data center solutions.

In recent years, in addition to data center solutions, ChanghongIT has been cooperating with Oracle, Alibaba Cloud, AWS and other companies based on MSP's own positioning along with the development of cloud computing business in recent years. ChanghongIT is ready for the complex and diverse 5G infrastructure needs.

The commercial 5G version is compatible with eMBB, namely the enhanced mobile broadband services. Among these, omnimedia converged communication and the ultra-high definition video transmission is sure to attract industry attention. The AI intelligent customer service of Avaya, ChanghongIT’s partner in the field of communication, will provide a more realistic and quality user experience in the 5G era; while Poly jointly creates the Yun-Shi-Xun platform with China Unicom to empower enterprise video communications.

From a longer-term perspective, with the continuous deepening of 5G construction, IoT applications based on mMTC (large-scale Internet of Things) and uRLLC (ultra-reliable and ultra-low latency communication) will have greater potential. ChanghongIT has begun its layout and made achievements in this regard. On the one hand, ChanghongIT leverages the manufacturing capabilities of Changhong Group to actively expand its IoT sensors and terminals. On the other hand, ChanghongIT and Hitachi Vantara have deepened their cooperation, using Hitachi Vantara's IoT platform and big data analysis platform to provide Digital Twin applications for the realization of a total solution of description, forecasting and guidance. In terms of security, in the face of the flexible, intelligent and efficient equipment security protection requirements of IoT, ChanghongIT cooperates with Extreme to provide IoT security management software and terminal encryption protector to provide online protection for IoT devices.

With the gradual deepening of future 5G and industrial applications, AI technology will be widely used in all aspects of a smart city. ChanghongIT collaborates with AI unicorn startup companies YITU, SenseTime and Megvii, as a result, it can help channel partners to provide a better user experience in smart policing, smart parking, smart healthcare, new retail, smart home and other fields.

 Profound accumulation, promote the realization of application scenarios

The ultimate goal of technology is to achieve business value. In today’s society dominated by applications, scenario application solutions are the focus of the end-user needs. When 5G technology is commercialized, who can take the lead in implementing its scenario application may become a front-runner at the application level.

ChanghongIT has always been committed to helping channel partners to meet the diverse needs of users. With the product and solution resources of dozens of domestic and international manufacturers such as Huawei, Lenovo, DELL EMC and ZTE, combined with its own IT comprehensive service advantages, it platformizes and componentizes products, cutting-edge technologies, and solutions at various levels, and integrated with ChanghongIT's business understanding of different industries, it provides ICT infrastructure products and end-to-end multi-scenarios solutions.

 In the first year of the 5G era, ChanghongIT also integrates the products and solution resources of a number of partners, combines the existing rich channel resources, collects the actual needs of customers in the terminal industries such as finance, medical, telecommunications and education. With its deep accumulation, it takes advantage of its technology strength and cooperates with its partners to promote the launch of applications that meet the needs of users.

 It is noteworthy that apart from the three major operators, the China Broadcasting Network is also granted the 5G license. According to the experience and characteristics of China Broadcasting Network, we believe that in the future it will focus on 4K, 8K and other ultra-high definition video services, rather than compete with operators for 5G mobile services. ChanghongIT has been deeply involved in the broadcasting and TV industry for many years, and has long-term and stable cooperation with the radio and television system integrators. There are corresponding solutions for high-definition and ultra-high-definition collecting, editing, broadcasting and storage applications.

It can be said that, ChanghongIT has been ready and prepared the layout before the arrival of the 5G era. The 5G commercial promotion may become a new driving force for the innovation and upgrade of ChanghongIT in recent years.

 Jointly build the IT ecosystem to promote new developments in the industry

ChanghongIT believes that in the IT ecosystem, manufacturers, distributors, and channel partners are interdependent. The cooperation and trust between them are of great significance. In the face of customer needs, manufacturers, distributors and channel partners need to reflect the IT integrated service capabilities.

In the past cooperation, ChanghongIT has always acted as a bridge and built a good communication platform for its partners. It has independently planned and organized various channel exchange meetings, product seminars, etc., gathering together partners of the ecosystem to conduct in-depth exchanges and communication. Through face-to-face communication, enable channel partners to increase understanding of agent brands and products and obtain support and training on products and technologies, understand channel policies, technical support and other information, and create more favorable opportunities for channel partners' business development. At the same time, it helps manufacturers understand the actual needs of the terminal channels, and provide manufacturers with reference for the future development of products and solutions.

 In the future 5G business, ChanghongIT will continue these practices and carry out the business philosophy of ‘being the partner to help grow and support success,’ to enhance cooperation confidence in all ecosystem partners, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Through these efforts, ChanghongIT hopes to maximize the core strengths of all cooperative parties and strengthen cooperation in order to enhance the comprehensive service capabilities for end users to capture business opportunities and seize the 5G market.


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