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The Company’s marketing services is unbelievably excellent!

This summer, a special flash mob activity was held at the NEQTA Hotel in Hangzhou. On the day of the event, a dozen KOLs arrived at the scene to show their support. Hundreds of users participated in the event. This event was broadcast online via Taobao Live, introduced by influencers on Xiaohongshu and forwarded via VLOG Weibo posts. At the speed of nearly 1,000 people participating in the forwarding per hour, it has become viral on the Internet, successfully creating a buzz for the brands and the event. It is the Flash mob house event hosted for Fuji instax by ChanghongIT, the event theme is ‘beautiful moments captured in a moment, amazing style transform as you wish.’

ChanghongIT is an innovative ICT integrated service provider in China. It has been adhering to the business philosophy of ‘being the partner to help grow and support success,’ applying its mature experience accumulated over the years and efficiently integrated operating capability on the agent products, and provide partners with efficient and professional integrated services with its professional solutions based on the markets and marketing activities.

At present, ChanghongIT is the general agent of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and the number of its core agents has exceeded 10,000. So, how does ChanghongIT capture the “heart” of so many manufacturers and channel partners?

Professional services for manufacturers

For brands, ChanghongIT is not satisfied with just passing products and applications to consumers through channels, instead, it uses its own professional marketing and service capabilities to provide brands with powerful professional solutions. As a result, that product positioning is more suitable for the market demands and can help channel partners to satisfy customers.

Last year, ChanghongIT provided Fuji instax mini7s with five new color design programs. Through online and offline market research, a poll conducted on target audience rigorously screened out for mini7s, it provided the market demand feedback back to the manufacturers, which has been recognized by the manufacturers. As a result, two new color design programs were put into mass production. Since the date of release, the first batch of products have been spread into the terminals.

In cooperation with Poly, to rapidly improve the channel influence in the industry, ChanghongIT designed the Octopus speakerphone U-disks in the shape of Poly’s iconic speakerphone Soundstation and planned the WeChat public account comment prize solicitation activity to trigger the popularity among the sound communication channel partners. During the event, everyone took pride in having an "octopus" U-disk, which has laid a good foundation for the development of channels and markets.

In addition to the pre-sale research and marketing, ChanghongIT also has a strong technical force. The company has nearly 300 engineers, most of which have obtained the intermediate and advanced technology certifications of mainstream manufacturers, and have comprehensive, efficient and standardized professional service capabilities. They can help manufacturers to provide partners with technical services, system testing, maintenance, training, technology outsourcing and a variety of technical services.

Deep exploration of channels, empowerment with expertise

A good product can only enter deep into the market with the help of smooth and efficient channels. ChanghongIT specializes in marketing planning and efficient execution. It has repeatedly assisted manufacturers in the promotion of products, in which, it integrated resources of all parties, creatively and independently planned and executed various large-scale marketing activities, such as hosting new product launches, conducting roadshows, and exploring cross-disciplinary channels and participating in various exhibitions. From event planning, organization, implementation to communication, ChanghongIT can complete on its own and quickly promote the landing of the event to ensure good event results. It helps the brands to deepen the channels through various conference activities, to effectively support the expansion of new business path and channels.

In addition to business activities, ChanghongIT also insists on the planning and implementation of various types of annual channel activities to continuously enhance the stickiness between channels and its influence in the channels. So far, the “ChanghongIT Partner Appreciation Meeting” has been held for 11 consecutive years. The ‘Hand in Hand with ChanghongIT’ online channel activity has been held for the 12th consecutive year. These two activities have now formed a good word-of-mouth effect among channel partners, covering tens of thousands of channel partners.

A bridge between manufacturers and channels

Over the years, ChanghongIT has always adhered to the philosophy of ‘being the partner to help grow, support success’ and regard itself as a “bridge” in the ICT ecosystem, committed to promoting the participation and collaboration between multiple parties in the ecosystem. ChanghongIT also has its own advantages in this ecological circle: on the one hand, it has more than 10,000 core agents deep into the first tier to the 6th tier cities, involving 25 industries, such as finance, telecommunications, medical care and education; covering 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, in this way, it can work with the channels to accurately collect the actual needs of users; on the other hand, ChanghongIT is the general agent of many domestic and foreign leading manufacturers, it's able to platformizes and componentizes products, cutting-edge technologies, and solutions at various levels. Combined with its business understanding of different industries, it provides ICT infrastructure products and end-to-end multi-scenarios solutions and promote the implementation of solutions to help satisfy customer's application needs.

For this reason, in recent years, ChanghongIT has hosted joint exhibition of multiple manufacturers, with the intention to build a good communication platform to promote exchanges and integration between manufacturers, channels and other parties.

In addition, ChanghongIT also actively organize channel training, recruitment, product seminars and other relevant meetings in various cities, opening new channels for the manufacturers, while mobilizing the enthusiasm of old friends. In addition, it helps channel partners to master new technology as soon as possible, and then apply the technology to the program to meet the actual needs of their end customers, and help customers realize the digital transition and improve business efficiency.

Next, ChanghongIT also wants to continue to attract more channels and new technology manufacturers to get involved, and further enhances the degree of coupling between leading global technologies and Chinese industry applications, to build a good ICT ecosystem with its partners.

The Company’s marketing services is unbelievably excellent! With these professional solutions in marketing and promotion, ChanghongIT has played an important role in helping manufacturers promote products, penetrate the Chinese market, meet channel needs, empower partners and so on. In fact, ChanghongIT has also provided more feasible professional solutions for many brand partners, which have all seen results. In the future, ChanghongIT will remember its initial intention and profoundly practice the philosophy of ‘being the partner to help grow, support success’ through the creation of professional marketing solutions to provide manufacturers and channel partners with more excellent ICT integrated services, to grow and succeed with partners.



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