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Changhong IT won the 2017 Operation Excellence Award of the Changhong Holding Group

On the afternoon of February 6, Changhong Holding Group's first, and the Corporation's fourth session of the Second staff Representatives (enlarged) Conference, Changhong Holding Group 2017 annual Technical Innovation Conference and 2018 Policy Objectives Kick-off Meeting, was held in the Changhong IT headquarters in Mianyang. Zhao Yong and other leaders of Changhong, employee representatives, representatives of technical systems, and leaders or representatives of various subsidiaries attended the meeting.

Mr. Zhao made a concise and important speech in the meeting. He proposed that in 2018 all staff should lift up their spirits and make Changhong IT's future more promising! In 2018 let's work together to strictly honor the commitments to staff so that the future of Changhong IT people can be more hopeful!

At the meeting he also praised the person in charge of BG and the subsidiary business team of excellent performance in 2017. Changhong IT won the 2017 Business Management Excellence Award. The President of the company, Mr. Zhu Jianqiu, presented a speech on behalf of Changhong IT. In the speech, Mr. Zhu said that in 2017, Changhong IT had reached a new level; it had created an excellent solution for storage and distribution; after years of hard work, it had cultivated a strong industry-leading distribution system for weak systems; and it also had a variety of excellent IT products. The distribution efficiency has been well received by the industry; after 13 years of efforts, Changhong IT has become the strongest distributor in the IT industry. He thanked the group for providing a good platform and a big stage. The achievements have come from the joint efforts and perseverance of Changhong IT people over many years. He would like to praise everyone.

In 2018, Changhong IT firmly believes that the opportunity is greater than the challenge. Let us effectively implement the operating principles of “all channels, specialization, new distribution, and good partners for growth”, seize opportunities, continue to grow, accelerate growth, and achieve new heights!


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