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Head of Southeast Asia Branch, Country Manager, Head of BU, Sales Director (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, etc.)



●  Responsible for setting the annual, semi-annual and quarterly business objectives of relevant countries, responsible for the objectives and the results achieved.
●  Responsible for the establishment and continuous improvement of the relevant systems for the national branch's operation management, business operation, human resources, finance and logistics, and the formation of an efficient cooperation mechanism with the domestic headquarter.
●  Lead or participate in the development of 2B business ,brand side, channel side, customer discovery, govenment relationship maintenance and other work in the responsible country.
●  Responsible for the compliance risk control, process coordination and other related work of the national branch company.



●  Overseas expansion of ICT industry, brand development cooperation and introduction of resources are preferred.
●  BD experience in overseas business of large IT distribution general agent, familiar with Southeast Asian government, local ICT market environment, brand side, distributor and end retailers.
●  Previously worked as general distribution agent in international ICT industry, Thailand and other Southeast Asian localised distributor resources is better.

Head of Operations



●  In combination with the company's overall strategy, development plan and local laws and regulations, fully responsible for the formulation and review of all kinds of overseas branch management systems and process management norms, supervision and inspection of relevant implementation resuts.
●  Have experience and ability in supply chain management, trade enterprise operation compliance management, anti fraud management, can deal with govenment public relations, understand relevant knowledge of enterprise tax planning, accounting audit compliance and have some relevant work experience.
●  Responsible for establishing the cooperation mechanism between the operation and management of the branch platform and the headquarter, and continuously optimize and improve the operation and management system of the branch company in combination with the localization characteristics and rules; Be responsible for the daily management of the operation management personnel, and put forward the preventive and continuous improvement measures.


●  Have the relevant work manager in B2B IT distibution industry, have the ability and experience of oflie 2B business and online cross-border platform business operation management.






●  Familiar with regional laws and regulations of Southeast Asian countries, financial and logistics management systems, understanding of trade industry rules, with operational management and risk control management awareness.
●  Experience in cross-border overseas team management

Personnel manager



●  According to the local situation in Indonesia, collect and sort out the information related to human resources regularly, and provide reasonable suggestions for the headquarters to improve the corresponding personnel system and process.
●  Responsible for the personnel organization and management, overall planning of human resources development and strategic management of Indonesia company, formulate human resources planning schemes and supervise the implementation of various plans.
●  Establish and improve the local human resource management system suitable for Indonesia, including recruitment, training, performance, salary and employee development, etc. Responsible for establishing, approving and supervising the implementation of HR related policies in Indonesia Branch.
●  Responsible for the recruitment, team building, system implementation and other related work of the Indonesian branch, and fllow the corporate culture of Changhong Jiahua headquarters to build the subculture of the branch.
●  Responsible for the calculation and accounting of the labor cost of Indonesia branch.
●  Responsible for the maintenance of public relations of Indonesian local government and the handling of related matters.


Key ability of talent demand matching

●  Full time professional degree or above, graduated from human resource management and Business Administration .
●  Familiar with Indonesia's local labor and personnel policies and relevant laws and regulations, with a certain reserve of knowledge of labor cost optimization, more than了years of relevant work in Indonesia's local regularized company, more than one year of the same positin, Indonesian local people are preferred .
●  Understand the electronic product distribution industry, familiar with the industry human resource strategy.
●  Practical ability in personnel recruitment, introduction, training and development, staf assessment, motivation and other aspects.
●  Good at communication, with a sense of service, good executive ability and professional qualit.
●  Fluent in Chinese and English, able to work under pressure.
●  Good computer sills, proficient in OFFICE software, etc.