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Cloud contract-signing! Changhong IT and Huawei has reached the cooperation intention of the general distributor in China

On March 2, 2020, Huawei and Changhong IT announced that they have reached the cooperation intention of the general distributor in China. Based on the collaboration of Huawei cloud WeLink platform and CloudLink Board, the two sides have signed the contract online. Guests including Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong group, Zhu Jianqiu, president of Changhong IT, Peng Zhongyang, director of Huawei and president of BG, and Cai Yinghua, president of Huawei China's government and enterprise business all delivered speeches through the WeLink platform. With the online witness of numerous media, Yang Wenchi, vice president of government and enterprise business of Huawei China and Bao Shuncang, senior vice president of Changhong IT, signed the contract on behalf of the two sides and reached the cooperation intention.


Figure note: Both leaders gave likes on the cloud signing of the contract

The industry digital transformation enables cooperation and promotes the value innovation and the integrated win-win future

Changhong IT is a professional ICT (information and communication) service provider headquartered in Beijing, China. It has been working in the distribution field for many years and has established a perfect channel system covering the whole country. Since its establishment, Changhong IT has maintained close cooperation with many core agents and become the general distributor of dozens of global top 500 enterprises in China. As for market performance, Changhong IT has maintained the growth trend for 15 consecutive years and has rich experience in ICT product distribution.

Zhu Jianqiu, president of Changhong IT, confirmed that in 2019, Changhong IT will be positioned as a "new type of comprehensive ICT service provider" and is committed to helping the channel partners solve various ICT problems encountered by customers in the process of digital transformation. In the process of achieving this goal, as the world's leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, Huawei provides competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in areas such as communication networks, cloud services, intelligent computing, which in turn provides important support to Changhong IT’s comprehensive service ability, leading to the recognition from more customers in the domestic enterprise business.

“Facing the future, Changhong IT will continue to strengthen our ICT service capabilities, be a good connector between manufacturers and channel partners, and provide a good cooperation platform for all parties, thus  promoting deeper yet broader cooperation in the whole ecosystem and achieving mutual benefits and win-win results with all partners." Zhu said.

Reasons for cooperation: The ecological concepts are consistent, industrial resources are complementary and industrial advantages are shared

Cai Yinghua, president of government and enterprise business of Huawei said, “2019 has been an unusual year for Huawei. Facing the challenges caused by the difficult external environment, our principal business grew by 33% year on year under the powerful support of our customers and partners. Besides, our cloud business has also grew by 359%. Middle-class partners has increased to more than 11,000 and partners with scales exceeding 10-million-yuan also  increases to about 900. Among the above mentioned, more than 100 partners have entered the 100-million-yuan club."

When it comes to the specific reasons for deepening cooperation between Huawei and Changhong IT, Cai Yinghua said that the two sides share the same ecological concepts, the industrial resources are complementary and the industrial advantages can be shared together.

As for ecological concepts, Changhong IT insists on the principle of "Be a good partner to help growth and support success" while Huawei sticks to the concept of "Win-win Ecology," stressing to make progress together with its partners. With the two sides being highly consistent on ecological concepts, a solid foundation has been laid for their future cooperation.

As for complementary industrial resources, Changhong IT has a complete channel system covering the whole country and mature experience in the distribution field. While Huawei has advantages in ICT technology innovation and industrial solution innovation, the cooperation between the two sides can provide more industry customers with innovative products and technologically advanced solutions that are a match with application scenarios.

When it come to the sharing of industry advantages, Changhong IT owns plenty of core partners expanding upstream and downstream in finance, electricity, telecommunications, medical care, education, business, government and other industries. Besides, Changhong IT has established innovative solutions and service-support systems regarding various industries, technology and marketing. In the meantime, Huawei has been making sustainable strategical investments in government, finance, education, medical care and large-scale enterprises and so on, with a wide coverage in up to 14 industries in total. The cooperation between the two companies will surely form joint forces, push forward the sharing of industry advantages and the co-creation of capacity.


Figure note: The two sides have signed the agreement by Huawei cloud WeLink platform and CloudLink Board

Looking forward to the future, creating the Win-win Ecology

With the further development of industrial digital transformation, Huawei will continue to practice the ecological concept of "Win-win Cooperation," place meeting the customers’ demands at its center, regard open innovation as its foundation, set flexible and orderly organization as its mechanism. Working together with Changhong IT and other ecological partners to open a wider space for blue-ocean value and achieve the new future of Win-win Ecology.