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Service Contact

Technical support
  • (Beijing) 58292588
  • (Shanghai) 021-62889117-6632
  • (Wuhan) 021-87125952-38
  • (Chengdu) 028-85921384
  • (Guangzhou) 020-38182846
Lenovo products
  • Thinkpad notebooks, Thinkcenter desktops: (Beijing) 010-58292234
Network peripherals
  • ZTE network products: (Beijing) 010-58292304
  • APC power supply: (Beijing) 010-58292033
Storage products
  • IBM tape libraries, disk array cabinets, fiber optic switches, UNIX architecture servers: (Beijing) 800-990-2588
  • FINISAR SFP, ADIC tape libraries, HDS disk array cabinets, BROCADE multi-protocol routers, fiber optic switches:
  • (Beijing) 010-5829 2384/2152/2039
  • (Shanghai) 021-62499811-6632
  • (Nanjing) 025-85921384
  • (Chengdu) 028-85480114-801

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